Start Times for Each Athlete

Below are the links to your Corral and Start Time for each day.  For Day 2, June 20th, a note went to all Day 2 participants informing them that at the request of First Responder's and due to number of participants we are combining waves. If you are on a team, it is under your team name as the First Name and "team" as the Last Name.  Please note: Waves can not be changed at this point.

Corrals - we sent a note with what corral you are in.  DO NOT MISS YOUR START.  DO NOT START EARLY.  If you start early you WILL NOT be in the results and potentially DQ'd.  If you miss your start we will not adjust your time.

Please head to the start area about 15 minutes before your start time so not to have congregating.  Listen for cues as to when to get into corral.