Course & Maps

Rochester Regional Health Flower City Half Marathon

Our course is Certified to be accurate by USATF #NY22002KL

Half Marathon Course Map on MapMyRun

Half Marathon USATF Course #NY22002KL Map

Half Marathon Tic Sheet - PDF Format

Detailed Mt. Hope Cemetery Map PDF Format

Pace Chart to meet the course time cutoff, the max minute/mile pace is 16:19

Time Cutoff:

Finish Line CLOSES 3 Hours and 30 Minutes after the start. Athletes can continue to the finish, but times and results will not be recorded and athletes will be self-supported.

Half Marathon Aid Stations

  • There are 5 Aid Stations approximately 2ish miles apart with 3ish miles between 4th and 5th.  All Aid Stations will have water. 
    • WS 1 - Mile 2ish - Frontier Field
    • WS 2 - Mile 4ish - George Eastman House area
    • WS 3 - Mile 6ish - Goodman St by Rite Aid
    • WS 4 - Mile 8ish - As you enter Cemetery
    • WS 5 - Mile 11ish - On River Path, past the newest pedestrian bridge
  • Porta-Potties will be located at
    • Approximately the 5k mark
    • At WS3
    • Just before you enter inside the cemetery (about 8-mile mark)
    • Around mile 11 by the U of R