Join Us Sunday, April 24th, 2022 at Blue Cross Arena for

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Deferred Registrants from 2020: Please check your email and spam as the below email was sent on Dec 30th on how to exercise your options.  We can not control if it goes to your spam or is not received or if the receiver unsubscribed to emails.  Please follow the guidelines to claim your deferral in the time frame indicated on that email.  No exceptions.

1/28/22 Update to Deferral Email: All deferrals have been sent numerous emails to claim their deferral for 2022.  We just sent a LAST CALL notice (see notes above as to how to do it) on 1/28/22 at 10:38AM.  Please check your spam or use note above to guide you on what to do.  You have until January 31st at 11:59PM to claim your deferral.  No exceptions.

12/31/21 Update to Deferral Email: Upon sending the note we received notices that some may have received the deferral option in error.  As we all know working anything through 2 years of Covid has been tedious at best and with so many options that we provided for participants the last two years, this process was not perfect either.

We cordially request that if you already used your deferral and participated in the other events with it, we ask that you let us know right away so we can adjust the back end.  In essence, please do not claim the deferral if you already used it.  We want to make sure data is correct so we will be piecing through the registrations, but please let us know if you did indeed receive the deferral claim notice in error. Thank you so very much for your patience these last few years. 


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