Here are some questions/answers you may be wondering?

  • When does registration open? Monday, April 19th at noon
  • Can I switch from relay to solo? Unfortunately this is not an option.
  • Why can’t I register?  If you are trying to register for the relay, this offer is only available to those who deferred from 2020.  If you are trying to get complete your deferral and are having issues, be sure to view the tutorial.  You must be in the Run Sign Up profile used to register in 2020. If you were virtual last year, you must register using the link we send you on Monday, April 19th before noon. It will come from Runsignup, not YellowJacket Racing, so be sure to check your spam/junk folders, as well as your promotional folder if you use Gmail. The email will include a unique to you link that you will need to use in order to claim your 21% discount. Using this link is the ONLY way to receive your 21% discount.
  • Can I get a refund? There are no refunds.
  • So the event isn’t downtown? Correct, at the request of the City of Rochester they asked we move to the parks.
  • Can I defer? If you already deferred in 2020 and can not do the 2021 event, you may defer to 2022.  To do this simply follow instructions in the note, which is to do nothing.  You will need to claim your deferral in 2022.
  • Can I switch from 13.1 to 5k or vice versa?  When you complete your deferral and transfer your registration to 2021, you should be able to select your distance. If you are upgrading to a longer distance, you will be required to pay the difference in registration fees. If you are switching down in distance, there are no refunds for the difference in entry fees. Update: 6/11/21 - at this point we can only switch you to the virtual event as all items are being prepped.
  • Can I transfer my entry to a friend? We are not offering transfers for this event.Can I transfer my entry to another race? We are not offering transfers for this event.
  • I want to run with my friend, how do we make sure we can start together? When registering be sure to select the same start corral.  Keep in mind they are capped at 50 people.
  • If I choose to defer to 2022 when will the event be held?  This option to defer to 2022 is only for those who already deferred.  Our goal is to host the event in its usual month of April.  However, it is dependent on the City of Rochester.
  • What is the time cutoff? 
  • How about water stops?  There will be 5 water stops: At the approximate mile spots - 2, 4, 6, 8, 11

By registering for this event you are acknowledging that the date, time, location, and distance of the race may be changed, switched to virtual, or canceled at any time as deemed necessary by the Race Directors due to circumstances beyond their control. In the event that any of these scenarios happens, there will be no refunds, transfers, or deferrals allowed unless otherwise stated.