The Rochester Regional Health Flower City Challenge Community Chest

Welcome to the NEW Rochester Regional Health Flower City Challenge Community Chest!  For the 10th anniversary of Flower City we wanted to create an opportunity for charities to showcase themselves and raise money.  This is a unique fundraising option where participants can select the nonprofit organization of their choice, form a team, and raise funds to support their favorite charity. Anyone can give to the charity of their choice either as a participant or as a donor or as a Team Captain!

How Does it Work?
It is similar to when a charity hosts their own Walk or Run to raise money & awareness for their cause.  Except…you don’t have to do any of the planning or deal with any of the logistics or take on any of the liability or expense. We do it all for you!  It can replace a Walk or Run that you already do (but have to pay all the expenses for), or it can be a new source of revenue for you.

It is actually quite simple! You recruit people to participate in our event (either the 5K, Half Marathon Relay or Half Marathon) and those participants fundraise for your cause.  And you receive 100% of those fundraising dollars. Because you don’t have to worry about any of the planning details, you can focus on the fundraising aspect.  Organizations that raise over $5,000 by April 20th will be able to host a table inside Blue Cross Arena during the pre and post-race activities in our Community Chest Village.

But, Does it Really Work?
We had this same program at our ROCtoberfest 5K race last Fall, and the charities that participated raised over $50,000 (combined) for their respective charities. And, it doesn’t cost you anything, so there is nothing to lose!  Some of your supporters may very well already be participating!  And anyone who does participate can choose the charity of their choice to fundraise for.

How Does My Charity Sign-up?
To participate, you have to set-up your fundraising page on CrowdRise.  All fundraising teams are managed through CrowdRise.  You set up & manage your own site.  We don’t have access to any of your data or information.  Get started here: Click Here

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For more information, to create a charity page or to donate to a charity page, Click Here