Mt. Hope Cemetery




The half marathon course spends about 2 miles in one of the largest and oldest Victorian Cemeteries in the United States - Mount Hope Cemetery. With 196 acres of land built from glaciers, it features high hills, deep valleys and winding eskers. With each step you take that day, there is beauty to see. Several of Rochester's Leaders (business, political and social) are here including: Susan B Anthony, Frederick Douglass, John Jacob Bausch, Henry Lomb, Col. Nathaniel Rochester to name a few.

During this portion between the 8 and 10 mile mark, its the time to challenge yourself with the hills, passing Susan B Anthony's resting place but then at the latter portion just head into the winding flat section through Mausoleum Row, the Fireman's Area, taking in the seasonal fauna and flora of the area.

This area is truly a gem and runners get to see the best of Rochester's History here.

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