Pace Leaders

Pace groups led by experienced pacers for a variety of times will be provided and organized by Fleet Feet Sports. Running with a pace group will help you have a more successful experience by helping you to your goal time. Anyone can use this service, there is no charge for it.

We plan to have Pace groups for the following times:

1:45 - Joe Haungs

1:50 - Josh Kramer        

2:00 - Oliver Brett & Chris Young     

2:15 - Christine Gurski & Cheryl Giraulo     

2:30 - Scott Winslow           

2:45 - Jennifer Guadino

3:00 - Tom Alguire     

There is no need to sign up.  On race day each pace leader will have a pace leader shirt and will be next to their sign at the start line.

Note: Keep in mind, anything can happen to a pace leader on race day, so ultimately it is still the participants job to keep their pace. 

If you have any questions on pace groups please contact Nicole at